Blueair Aware Air Monitor

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The Blueair Aware is the first air quality monitor from Blueair.  It can be used as a standalone air quality monitor in your home, or can be connected to a range of WiFi enabled Blueair air purifiers, such as the Blueair 205, 405 and 605 models. The Blueair Aware helps to detect and monitor changes in the different kinds of airborne contamination, such as particle as well as gas contamination.  

The Blueair Aware can be placed anywhere in your home or at work to monitor particulate matter (PM2.5 for example), and VOC’s, include formaldehyde. Data can be monitored in real-time and updates and alerts sent to your smartphone via the Blueair Friend App. In addition, the Blueair Aware can also monitor temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels. The LED indicator on the front indicates the relative level of contamination. When the light is blue, the Aware percieves the air quality as good, when  the light turns orange, the Aware percieves the air quality as poor.

Please note: If connected to the Blueair Sense+, the Blueair Aware’s auto feature will only work for particulates contamination, but not VOC’s.


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