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November 27, 2020 1 min read



Allergy Cosmos is delighted to receive the Platinum Award from Janey Lee Grace for the category "THE BEST OF THE BEST IN NATURAL BEAUTY, HEALTH AND WELLBEING." Janey Lee Grace commented on choosing the popular Allersearch ADMS Anti-Allergen Dust Spray by saying:

“We love the fact that the ADMS Dust Spray can be used on carpets, furnishings, car interiors et al to neutralise allergens such as pollen, mildew, house dust and dust mite allergens.”  Janey Lee Grace – Imperfectlynatural.com

The award-winning allergy dust spray is part of a range of Anti-Allergen products exclusive to Allergy Cosmos. Allersearch Anti-Allergen Dust Spray is the ideal solution for anyone suffering from allergies, asthma and general respiratory problems. ADMS is a natural and non-staining formula that safely neutralises household allergens such as pollen, mildew, mould, pet dander and dust mite remains. Ideal for all water-safe surfaces, this dust spray is a great all-around cleaning product that will limit your day to day exposure to harmful allergens.

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