Atem X: Best Air Purifier 2024 – Wired magazine

Atem X: Best Air Purifier 2024 – Wired magazine

Packed with industry leading efficiency and technological innovation, the IQAir Atem X air purifier is designed to offer users complete control over the air they breathe. The Atem X has now been awarded the Best Air Purifier 2024 by Wired magazine.

The latest of IQAir’s award-winning range of air purifiers, the Atem X uses advanced HyperHEPA technology to capture virtually all airborne particles at a minimum efficiency of 99.5%, leading Wired to describe the unit as:

“Truly the best investment when it comes to a HEPA filter.”

Despite its compact and slim design, it can purify large spaces while remaining very quiet – as noted by Wired who describe the Atem X as:

“The most powerful and quietest air purifier tested.”

The Atem X can easily be controlled by the user with an in-built air quality monitor and  auto-mode feature. With the allergy season fast approaching, the Atem X is the best choice in ensuring complete control over the air you breathe in any indoor environment.

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