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Asthma E-Petition

November 27, 2020 2 min read

Asthma E-Petition


Sara and Bruce Campbell started a campaign a couple of weeks ago, with the aim to get 1,000 people to sign an e-petition.

What is the petition for?

Sara and Bruce want to change the law so that people in their homes have the same legal redress when affected by local external influences, (such as building work) as people in the workplace would have from their employers.

Sara suffers with severe asthma and is affected by any kind of building works and roadworks that are undertaken near her home. The local housing association have decided to start a major works program which is replacing the roofs of 7 blocks of flats within the area, over a period of 4-5 months. They have started on the nearest 2 and will be moving on to the rest, which are all within half a mile and will affect Sara.

Sara and Bruce write: "We have had to move out whilst the works are done. The housing association are under no obligation to do anything to help us, and as you can imagine they have not.

We started this campaign to get 1,000 people who would sign an e-petition to the UK Government, to change the law so that these companies would have to make provision for asthma sufferers. We have gathered 25 people so far and are getting offers of help from numerous asthma and respiratory groups.

We have had to move out of our home to a relatives in Chester. This is really disrupting our business and will be going on for months. It cannot be right. If we caused them to be off site for any time whatsoever we would be sued.

The law is different for asthma sufferers, they appear to be excluded from nuisance law, as people who are ultra sensitive are excluded. So asthma sufferers cannot use this legislation. Workers can use employment law, but the asthma sufferer in their own home has nothing. The law is outdated and needs to be changed."

Sara & Bruce Campbell invite people to join them in trying to change the law by supporting their e-petition to the UK Government. Sara & Bruce suggest that 1000 group members would give the e-petition a chance.

We would like to encourage everyone to spread the word about this group.

Please follow the link below to sign the Asthma E- Petition:


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