Double Your House for Half the Money - Air Purifier

Double Your House for Half the Money - Air Purifier
Did you by any chance watch Sarah Beeny’s Double Your House for Half the Money on Channel 4 the other night? Well, if so you may have seen some of our award-winning air purifiers featured!

Episode 10 of series 3 of Double Your House for Half the Money saw Sarah Beeny meet Marnie & Christian Riches in Altrincham, Greater Manchester. Marnie suffers with severe allergies and has a lot of construction happening in her home. Sarah contacted Allergy Cosmos to advice and provide the best purifier and general allergy relief products to help Marnie control her allergy symptoms.

Alongside our award-winning Allersearch cleaning products, the IQAir HealthPro 250 air purifier is the main focus of the feature. The IQAir HealthPro 250 is the first choice for environments where a high level of air quality is key - making the IQAir the perfect air purifier for the job at hand!

 In this episode of Double Your House for Half the Money, Sarah tests the air quality in Marnie's house and shows her how polluted it actually is with building dust and other particulate pollution such as mould.

Sarah points out that house-related allergies affect 12 million people in Britain and air purifiers are the most effective product to remove pollution from the air. The IQAir HealthPro 250 air purifier has won more independent awards than any other air cleaner. With the capability of adding a coarse dust filter that is specifically designed for building dust, the IQAir is ideal for building sites, taking out ultra fine as well as elevated coarse dust from the air. Brick dust, for example, is a common trigger for people suffering with allergies and asthma and that life with construction work at home.

Sarah Beeny demonstrates the IQAir HealthPro 250 air purifier.

Sarah Beeny recommends that Marnie uses the IQAir air purifier in her bedroom while she sleeps to help her immune system recover, and with cleaner air, in the house, Marnie’s breathing became easier. Marnie marvelled at how much better she felt saying, “after ages of feeling terrible, it all feels quite good now”.

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