Exams and Hay Fever Season - A Testimonial

Exams and Hay Fever Season - A Testimonial

"My son has a range of allergies – the worst of which is his hay fever. Once he becomes allergic, his symptoms become so bad that none of the regular hay fever treatments work and he cannot go to school. He is a straight A student, but no matter how smart your child is, if he has severe allergies, he will not be able to do well in his exams during hay fever season.

In spring and summer my son’s allergies often become so strong, that he cannot leave the house, let alone go to school. And the problem is that if you do not keep your main allergies under control all the other minor allergies flare up too, and my son gets severe food allergies if we do not actively control his hay fever.

We have been using the IQAir HealthPro 250 for more than a year now and my husband and I are so very happy with its performance and the improvement it made to my son's allergy symptoms.  We turned it on a year ago and never turned it off again. The thing about this machine is that it allows our son to be in a room that is free of allergens and gives him a chance for his immune system to recover - and that makes all the difference.

For people who are concerned about their child’s allergy and asthma symptoms, I can assure you that the IQAir HealthPro is well worth the investment. We tried many other air purifiers and they were all more or less worthless. This product has worked where all else has failed and it did exactly what it promised it would do - which is absolutely fantastic!

Thank you Allergy Cosmos.

Amanda Manners"

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