Sarah Beeny - Air Quality During Building Work

Sarah Beeny - Air Quality During Building Work

"When having renovation work done on your home the effect that the building dust can have on your health can be really horrible - especially if you have someone in your family with allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems. The best solution is to try to keep the air as clean as possible - during as well as after the building work has been completed.

Allergy Cosmos recommended the IQAir HealthPro 250 to me, not only because it’s the 'best all-around air purifier', but also because it is ideal for building sites. It removes virtually all particulate pollution - including ultrafine particles - and uses the highest quality chemical filtration (to take VOCs and formaldehyde out of the air). It is also guaranteed and certified to be leakage free. Being 'leakage free' is important, as this ensures that all the pollution goes through the filters, rather than passing by them and being released (un-filtered) back into the room.

I am extremely happy with the great customer service and fantastic products that Allergy Cosmos has provided and recommend Allergy Cosmos and their great team of experts to anyone looking to create a cleaner indoor air environment."

sarah beeny recommends Allergy Cosmos

Sarah Beeny - TV Presenter and Entrepreneur

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