Which Allergy Dust Spray is the Best?

Which Allergy Dust Spray is the Best?

The ADS and ADMS Allergy Dust Sprays are two of the Best Sellers in the Allersearch line of allergy and asthma friendly cleaning products. Both Allergy Dust Sprays are designed to effortlessly neutralise natural allergens in your indoor environment, and both do so on contact. Which allergy dust spray is right for you depends on the type of surface you are planning to treat.


The ADS Allergy Dust Spray is the right choice when the surface being treated is off-white or coloured. The ADS Allergy Dust Sprays is a mild and natural solution that is medically proven to effectively neutralise pet dander and eliminate common allergy and asthma triggers, such as dust mites allergens, pollen, mould and more.

Note: ADS is not recommended on light or bright white surfaces, because it may create a yellowing hue if over applied.

The ADS Allergy Dust Sprays has extra long lasting effects and should be applied every 90 days.



The ADMS Allergy Dust Spray is a very effective inorganic solution that uses an oxidising compound to destroy natural allergens. The ADMS Allergy Dust Spray can be applied to any water fast surface and is safe to use on all colours (including white and off-white) and effectively neutalises allergy and asthma triggers on contact.

Allersearch ADS

You should apply the ADMS every 30 days for best results.

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