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At Allergy Cosmos we always price our products as competitive as possible, with our team regularly checking our prices against other high street competitors.

If you do find a better price (excluding Miele) with an authorised UK retailer, sold with the same service conditions, we will meet or beat that price. Simply contact us on 020 3176 0713, or email us within 7 days of placing your order.


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Allergy & Asthma Free Home Package

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Whether you are suffering from seasonal allergies like hay fever, or if you are sensitive to dust and mould, the Allergy & Asthma Free Home Package will safely neutralise natural allergens in your home to help you control your allergy and asthma symptoms.

The Allergy & Asthma Free Home Package contains some of Allersearch's bestselling allergy and asthma cleaning products, such as:

  • ADMS Anti-Allergen Dust Spray
  • Allergen Wash Laundry Detergent
  • X-Mite Powder Carpet Cleaner