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Atem Car Accessory Kit

Atem Car Accessory Kit

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  • IQAir Atem Desk Compatible
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Ideal for using Atem in different cars
  • Removes & clips on in seconds

The IQAir Atem Car Accessory Kit comes with all the parts necessary to enable you to use your IQAir Atem in your car. The accessory kit comes with a special car mount adapter that attaches to the back of a headrest. With the car mount adapter installed, you can easily snap the IQAir Atem into place. This kit is ideal for customers who might want to use one Atem in different cars, or who want to use their Atem Desk also in their car.  Removing the Atem from the Atem car mount is very quick and easy - you simply press the release buttons located on either side of the mount and the Atem can be removed within seconds.  Attaching it back onto the Atem Car Accessory Kit is just as easy as simply pushing Atem onto the mount.  The Atem Car Accessory Kit also comes with a 12-24V car power adapter. This adapter plugs into any 12-24V car, van or truck power socket (i.e. cigarette lighter socket). With this, the Atem Car can easily be positioned on any headrest in your car. The power adapter also features a USB socket that allows users to charge mobile devices.

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Product Description

The IQAir Atem Car Accessory Kit allows you to attach the IQAir Atem personal air purifier in your car. The kit is especially useful if you have one IQAir Atem Car that you would like to use in another car, as it allows you to quickly move it from one car to another. Furthermore, the IQAir Atem Car Accessory Kit is ideal if you have an IQAir Atem Desk that you would like to use in your car.