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Blueair 511 Replacement Filter

Blueair 511 Replacement Filter

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  • Genuine Blueair replacement filter
  • Easy to replace
  • Fits Blueair Blue Pure 511 model
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Product Description

The Blueair Blue Pure 511 combination filter effectively removes various particles such as pollen, dust, pet dander, mould spores and allergens.

Blueair 's advanced filter technology employs both electrostatic and mechanical filtering, allowing for a less dense filtration medium. This results in higher performance at all speeds, and the air cleaning process is quieter while requiring less power.


Suitable for Blueair Blue Pure 511 Air Purifiers. 

Filter Type:

Combination Particle and Carbon Filter

HEPASilent Technology:

A combination technology of mechanical filtration and ionisation. Actual filtration efficiency depends on speed setting and filter life.

Filter Service Life:

6 months (4 380 hours) when used 24 hours per day.

Country of Manufacture:



The replacement combination filter is made for the Blueair Pure 511 air purifier. It serves a dual purpose, acting as both a particle and carbon filter. Its design targets pet dander, dust, pollen, mould spores, and general allergens.