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Blueair Pro M SmokeStop Air Purifier

Blueair Pro M SmokeStop Air Purifier

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  • Ideal for small rooms
  • Ease of use
  • Sleek design
  • High airflow
  • Additional Gas & Odour Filtration
  • Energy star rated
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Product Description

Blueair has a new range of “Pro” air purifiers and the Pro M SmokeStop is part of that range. It is the smallest unit out of three and is able to move up to 560 m3/h of air on its highest speed setting. The unit can be equipped with a light scatter (called “Air Intelligence Module”) to monitor small changes in base levels of gas and particle pollution levels. If you have the AIM installed, the unit can be set to “auto mode”, in which the Blueair Pro M SmokeStop adjusts the speed of the fan according to the pollution levels detected in the air.

The Blueair Pro M SmokeStop can be installed with a particle or SmokeStop filter depending on how much gases and chemicals you require to take out of the air. The Blueair Pro M SmokeStop is made of galvanised steel, has a white/grey glossy finish and uses the same kind of filtering technology as the classic Blueair range, (such as the 203, 270E, 450E and 650E).

Small design conscious, domestic or commercial environments would be a great choice for the Blueair Pro M SmokeStop unit. When the Blueair Pro M SmokeStop is used on the lowest speed setting, it is quiet, which makes it ideally suited to noise conscious environments like bedrooms. The Blueair Pro M SmokeStop has a decibel level of 32dB(A) on speed setting 1, 34dB(A) on speed setting 2 and can easily be used in rooms up to 15m2 and achieve 5 air changes. If the unit is being run on the highest speed setting, which is speed setting 3, it is able to move an impressive 560 m3/h of air and has a decibel level of 55dB(A). This makes the Blueair Pro M SmokeStop air purifier a great choice for environments where noise is not a major concern. If you are comparing the noise levels of different air purifiers, it is important to note that Blueair measure the sound of their air purifiers using ‘sound pressure’ whereas other brands use ‘sound power’. The sound pressure numbers are lower than the equivalent sound power numbers. If you would like more information on how to assess the noise levels of an air purifier, please visit our blog post: How to assess an air purifier’s noise levels?

The Blueair Pro M SmokeStop is able to deliver high levels of airflow like you would see with a fan. This may seem to be making the room cooler by pushing out colder air when in fact it is not, but is just the ‘wind-chill factor’ of moving air.

This Blueair Pro M SmokeStop is ideal for small size spaces and will help in effectively filtering the following:

  • Hay-Fever
  • Pet Allergens (cat, dog, horse etc.)
  • Pollen
  • Heavy Dust
  • Fine Dust
  • Dust Mite Allergens

City Pollution
  • Smog
  • Transportation (cars, trains, planes)
  • Industry Pollution
  • Other Volatile Organic Compounds

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Fungal Spores

In combination with SmokeStop or Carbon+ Filter:

Gases & Fumes
  • Paints
  • Varnishes
  • Adhesives
  • Formaldehyde
  • Building Material
  • Pet Dander (cats, dogs etc.)
  • Cooking Odours
  • Musty Smells


Filtration:Like all the other Blueair units, the Blueair Pro M SmokeStop air purifier uses a combination technology of ionisation in combination with electrostatic and a mechanical mesh filter. Due to the use of these combined technologies, the filtration efficiency of the Blueair Pro M will not be completely consistent. Actual filtration efficiency of the Blueair unit will depend on the remaining life of the filter and the speed setting the unit is run on.
Airflow Rate:Speed 1 - 119 m3/h
Speed 2 - 187 m3/h
Speed 3 - 560 m3/h
Room Size:Depending on how noise sensitive the area is that you will use the unit in, the following gives you the Blueair recommended 5 air changes per hour in the following room sizes (assuming a ceiling height of 2.4 meters):
Speed 1 - 10 m2
Speed 2 - 15 m2
Speed 3 - 45 m2
Decibel Levels:Blueair measures the sound of their Pro range using Sound Pressure rather than Sound Power as many other manufacturers do:
Speed 1 - 32dB(A)
Speed 2 - 34dB(A)
Speed 3 - 55dB(A)
Dimensions (without / with packaging):H 43 x W 50 x D 24 cm; H 59 x W 30 x D 52 cm
H 17 x W 20 x D 9 inches; H 23 x W 12 x D 20 inches
Power Usage:11 to 85 watts
Weight (without/ with packaging):11 kg; 24 lbs
12 kg; 26 lbs
Remote Control:No
Auto mode:No
AccessoriesBlueair Air Intelligence Module
Air Quality MonitorNo
Filter Service Life:The manufacture has recommended that the Blueair Pro L  filters are changed every 6 months. The unit uses a combination of Blueair Pro Particle, SmokeStop or Carbon+ filters.
Electronic sensor:Light scatter with optic and ceramic sensor (called 'Air Intelligence Module' by Blueair) sold separately to monitor basic changes in base levels of gas and particle pollution.
Filter replacement indicator:Yes
On/off timer:No
Speed control options:Manual three speed setting.
Air outlet:Front
Air inlet:Back
Guaranteed ozone freeNo
Warranty:2 year manufacturers warranty covering parts and labour of manufacturing faults.
Country of Manufacture:China


The Blueair Pro M SmokeStop is a modern looking air purifier which incorporates an easy to use LCD display. By pressing the large PLUS and MINUS buttons on top of the unit, you are able to turn the air purifier on and off as well as cycle through its various speed settings. The unit also has a filter light indicator, to indicate when it is time to change the filter.

The Blueair Pro M SmokeStop can also be equipped with Blueair’s “air intelligence module” (AIM), which is basically a light scatter to detect changes in particle and gas filtration. With the (AIM) installed, you will also be able to set the air purifier to auto mode whereby it will be able to adjust the running of the fan depending on the base levels of pollution detected.

Large Airflow

The Blueair Pro M SmokeStop is ideal for use in small sized rooms. It can be used in bedrooms, living rooms or even work spaces. The Blueair Pro M SmokeStop utilises a powerful, energy efficient fan which enables it to deliver clean air fast.

Design and Durability

Blueair has created the Blueair Pro M SmokeStop to be elegant as well as functional. The unit is made from galvanised steel and has been given a white/grey glossy finish that is able to blend into the environment. The Blueair Pro M SmokeStop has a slim profile which enables it to be placed along walls to conserve space. The filters are made from 100% polypropylene fibers for easy recycling too.

Filtration Technology

The Blueair Pro M SmokeStop uses Blueair’s traditional three-stage filtering system, which takes the form of ionisation, electrostatic and mechanical filtration. The unit will pull air in and enter a chamber where the particles are negatively charged, this makes them ‘adhere’ to the surface of the filter fibers more easily. The initial layers of the filter are able to capture larger particles like dust and pollen, and the smaller layers captures particles such as viruses, bacteria and exhaust particles such as PM2.5 and PM10. With Blueair incorporating different density fibers into their filters, the Pro M SmokeStop filters do not get clogged as quickly when compared to other air purifiers which use electrostatic filters. What this means, is the Blueair Pro M SmokeStop is able to maintain a higher level of filtration efficiency over time.

Blueair has recommended that the filters be changed every 6 months to maintain optimal performance. The filtration efficiency of the Blueair Pro M SmokeStop will vary over time and will not be consistent. The actual filtration efficiency will depend on the levels of contamination present, speed setting the unit is running on and the remaining life of the filter.

Blueair Pro M Smokestop Air Purifier Filtration

SmokeStop Filter
The Blueair Pro M is equipped with what Blueair calls a “SmokeStop” filter. This filter uses activated carbon (magnesium dioxide and copper oxide). The SmokeStop filter has been specifically intended for use in environments where there are high levels of gaseous pollutants such as smoke, odours and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). The SmokeStop filter is naturally antibacterial, which inhibits bacteria and mould growth. The Blueair Pro M SmokeStop has the same gradient filter structure as all other Blueair air purifiers, which means that the filter acts as several filters in one. This design enables the filter to capture particles of a broader range. The different sizes of the fibers in the filters helps to prevent premature loading of the filter.  

Carbon+ Filter
In addition, the Blueair Pro M SmokeStop can be used with a “Carbon+” filter . This adds an additional level of carbon filtration in order to filter out heavy gases, odours and VOC’s.