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Miele Complete C3 Powerline with HEPA filter

Miele Complete C3 Powerline with HEPA filter

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The Miele C3 HEPA Powerline cylinder vacuum cleaner offers Miele’s high quality performance and superior suction power at its best price. The Miele C3 HEPA Pure Power with Hepa filter is the C3 Powerline model with the additional HEPA filter and has a powerful 900W motor, which provides great suction and offers exceptional floor cleaning on all surfaces. The suction of this Miele can be adjusted to your surface type.

Range & Convenience 

The Miele C3 HEPA Powerline has a reach of 11 meters. The cable of the Miele C3 HEPA Powerline retracts automatically with a tap of your toes, without having to bend over to pick it up by hand.

Best Buy Award
A prominent British review site awarded the previous edition of this Miele unit the “Best Buy” Award and praised this vacuum for its ‘brilliant’ performance. According to testing company, the Miele is able to take +80% of dirt and allergens out of your carpets, which – according to the testing company – is rare even amongst the best vacuum cleaners. (The average vacuum cleaner tested only achieves 65% of dirt removal).

Miele leakage free design

Leakage Free Design
The ability to maintain suction, even while the bag fills, is an outstanding performance. In combination with it’s leakage free design and high efficiency standard filtration, the Miele C3 HEPA Powerline collects and retains dirt better than most of the more expensive units from other manufacturers. The automatic sealing of the bag is a big health benefit and greatly reduces your exposure to dirt and allergens when changing the bag.

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