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Allersearch Pet+: Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

Allersearch Pet+: Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

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Quick Overview

  • For dogs with sensitive skin
  • Neutralises all common natural allergens
  • Removes dander and destroys odours
  • Protects from fleas and ticks
  • Free from perfumes, dyes and other irritating additives

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Product Description

Pets bring a lot of love into your home. They can also trigger your worst allergies or asthma. Let your dog be your best friend again, with help from products by Allersearch Labs.

The Allersearch Pet+ Oatmeal Anti-Allergen Dog Shampoo locks in moisture to soothe and protect your pet's dry, irritated, and itchy skin. At the same time Pet+ Oatmeal neutralises pet dander and all other common natural allergens such as pollen, mould, dust mite allergens and more.

Recommended by leading allergy specialists, Pet+ Pet Shampoo is ideal for people who seek to control their pet allergies.


Allersearch Pet+ Oatmeal has been specially designed for dogs with sensitive skin. It effectively soothes and moisturises dry, itchy, and irritated animal skin, while removing dander and deodorising without the use of harsh soaps or ammoniates. Using Pet + Oatmeal will also give your dog a healthy and shiny coat.

Bottle Size: 16 fl. oz. / 473 ml 
Active ingredients: Non-ionic surfactants, proprietary natural anti allergen base, and emollients. Oatmeal and Tea Tree Oil.


Wet your dog and apply Pet + Oatmeal to lather and clean the fur. Then, rinse your dog thoroughly and repeat this if needed to obtain a clean coat, and then simply allow the dog’s fur to dry.

For best results, re-treat your pet every 30 days.

Allergist recommended for allergy symptom control.