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IQAir Atem X HyperHEPA CF Filter

IQAir Atem X HyperHEPA CF Filter

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Quick Overview

  • Filter for IQAir Atem X air purifier
  • Additional Formaldehyde filtration
  • Ideal for Tobacco smoke removal
  • Features smart RFID technology
  • Full set of 3 filters
  • Up to 3 years filter life
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Filtration principle:Diffusion, interception, inertial impaction and electrostatic attraction. Catalyst technology converting formaldehyde gas into minimal amounts of water vapour and carbon dioxide.
Efficiency:HyperHEPA CF particle filter >99% at 0.3 microns
Surface area:Mini-pleated, non-woven, multi-layer synthetic HyperHEPA HF microfibre media and IQAir ColdFire catalyst.
Average filter Service Life:2-3 years based on average usage.
Filter Life Monitor:LED on unit and via IQAir Atem App.
Contents:Full set of 3 filters
Country of Manufacture:Germany
Art. No:275 20 12 05


The HyperHEPA ColdFire filter employs advanced catalyst technology to transform formaldehyde gas into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide. These converted byproducts are present in such minimal quantities that they have no noticeable impact on a room's humidity or carbon dioxide (CO2) levels.

An important feature of this catalyst is its non-consumable nature during the conversion process. This means that the filter's removal efficiency remains consistently high throughout its entire lifespan. You can trust that the filter will continue to effectively neutralize formaldehyde without any degradation in performance over time.

The IQAir HyperHEPA CF filters combines HyperHEPA HF media with the revolutionary 'ColdFire catalyst' in a single filter element. It also features smart RFID technology, notifying you when the filters need to be replaced for optimal performance.

The notifications are based on sensor-detected pollution levels, airflow speed and usage hours, ensuring that your Atem X operates at its peak. 

Filtration Technology

IQAir HyperHEPA CF filters use the following filtration principles to filter out particulates.

  • Catalyst Technology: to convert formaldehyde gas into water vapour and carbon dioxide.
  • Diffusion: Particles move from high concentration to low concentration and get trapped by filter fibres due to their random motion.
  • Interception: Larger particles are caught when they directly collide with filter fibres.
  • Inertial Impaction: Heavier particles cannot follow airflow and collide with filter surfaces due to their inertia.
  • Electrostatic Attraction: Electrically charged filters attract and capture particles with opposite charges.

The IQAir Atem X uses mechanical filtration technologies only and does not use potentially harmful technologies, such as UV radiation, ionisation or ozonation.